O-Prognose Self-Service


Offers self-service solutions for reporting malfunctions or other problems within your organisation. A central heating system malfunction, a clogged drain or a broken window? The O-Prognose Self-Service Portal now makes it easier for you to manage reports and malfunctions. Your employees or building users can now report malfunctions or other problems 24/7 using a computer, tablet or smart phone.

The O-Prognose Self-Service gives you access to the correct information for managing the reports and following up on them at a time convenient to you or for immediately forwarding the reports to your technical department or external service provider.

Management tool for daily maintenance
The O-Prognose Self-Service Portal is an effective tool for ensuring the proper management of daily maintenance. Regardless of whether it is carried out by your technical department or contracted out to an external party. By assigning various roles in the O-Prognose Self-Service Portal, each user has the appropriate rights to perform their duties effectively. The building manager of the O-Prognose Self-Service Portal can easily see if, for example, maintenance is carried out within the agreed time, or the individual who has reported the malfunction is satisfied with the service, plus he is always informed of the reports or malfunctions within his work environment.

The web-based solution for reports
The O-Prognose Self-Service Portal is a simple yet powerful web-based solution for managing daily maintenance within your organization. Specially developed for building managers looking to move to automation for the first time. Without costly investments in IT infrastructure, software and lengthy implementation processes. With a clear digital structure, fast and easy access for your employees. The O-Prognose Self-Service Portal has many possibilities and is customized to your needs.

Easy-view dashboard facilities
The O-Prognose Self-Service Portal is the ideal addition to your daily maintenance. It offers easy-view dashboard facilities with specific and graphical overviews for report management. You can customize the dashboard to get a clear overview at a glance.

Example Self-Service dashboard