O-Prognose Maintenance


O-Prognose Maintenance allows you to quickly develop a sustainable long-term maintenance plan (LTMP). The software helps assess the technical condition of buildings for example in accordance with the Dutch standard NEN 2767.

Because O-Prognose Maintenance offers a generic solution, it is suitable for any type of property portfolio, such as schools, municipal buildings, sports complexes, health care institutions or housing complexes. A sustainable long-term maintenance plan (LTMP) can be developed for each target group and application.

Examples of specific features include:

  • Sustainable long-term maintenance plans.
  • Reporting according to the interior-exterior model for school buildings.
  • Link to primary accounting systems for the health care sector or the corporate world.
  • Division between owner and tenant responsibility.
  • A standard export to owners’ association management systems.
  • Export to MS Excel, for example.
  • Defects lists including photos.

Plandatis promotes the usage of mobile applications and supports the development of a sustainable long-term maintenance plan with the O-Prognose Inspection application (for iOS and Android).

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