O-Prognose Installations


O-Prognose Installations offers you ready access to clear information on the costs of maintenance of your technical installations, providing an overview of the costs associated with replacement and preventive maintenance. O-Prognose allows you to generate a sustainable long-term maintenance plan (LTMP) as well as an inspection report for the installations.

The maintenance status of installations can be determined according to the Dutch standard NEN 2767, while an aging curve can be used to positively influence the service life of the installation or components, allowing you to develop scenarios that are specific to your organization.

Because O-Prognose Installations offers a generic solution, it is suitable for both mechanical and electrical installations as well as transport equipment. Each installation component can be further specified as regards the manufactured product, type, capacity, serial number, and a photo of the component. This provides you with a complete installation list with specifications.

O-Prognose Installations can be used as an advisory report to a technical department for the management and maintenance of its installations, but also as the basis for a long-term maintenance contract or a performance agreement. You choose the level of detail you require: e.g. an AHU at either a system or component level. All radiator valves or fittings grouped by floor or building section, or specified by area.

Examples of specific reports include:

  • Sustainable long-term maintenance plans (1, 5, 10, 70-year plans).
  • Export to MS Excel, for example.
  • Defects lists including photos.
  • Overview of the installation by element, including all specifications and defects.
  • Selection by maintenance type: contract and operation, and replacements.
  • Broken down by installations per technical room.