O-Prognose Infra

merjarenonderhoudssplan infra

O-Prognose Infra offers a quick and clear overview of the state of maintenance (in accordance with Dutch standard NEN 2767, Part 4) and the maintenance costs of structures. You can then use these results to apply adaptive management based on a certain object or type, location and/or maintenance level, and to generate management reports. The results can also be used as the basis for performance contracts.

O-Prognose Infra fully meets the decomposition hierarchy defined in Part 4 of NEN 2767. As such, a structure is categorized into three levels: management object, element and building component, respectively, such as stationary bridges, main supporting structure and structural beams. Once a material class is specified, the defects are categorized under the building component and a score is awarded.

Depending on the desired score, measures, which are put in place for the elements, can be used to define maintenance projects. The projects themselves are used to make long-term estimates and to develop a management plan for a group of management objects or an area of structures. The O-Prognose Infra software can be used to generate reports at all levels and to make various selections or filters for certain locations, management objects, scores. These reports can then be used to finalize the management plan.

Examples of specific reports include:

  • Sustainable long-term maintenance plans (1, 5, 10, 50-year plans)
  • Export to MS Excel, for example
  • Defects lists including photos
  • Overview of the installation by building component, including all specifications and defects